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195/Paradise Club Flying Field

The Paradise Flying Field is shaping up nicely. Along with the grass runway, we now have a smooth packed dirt runway that works great with small wheels. See the Paradise Field page for directions and details.


Inland Empire Soaring Society... Now Inland Empire Quiet Flyers

Over the last few years our "Glider Club" has slowly become more modern, with members flying much more than just gliders. In fact most of the flying that we do is simply "Quiet." Brushless electric power and Lipo batteries have brought an entire new era of performance. We love the fact that we can fly for hours on end in the local park and not disturb others in the area.

Our members represent almost every aspect of the modeling world. You'll see members with exceptionally powered helis, Jets, scale planes, indoor woodies, EPP foamies, gliders, and even cars and boats. 

KSPS NW Profiles feature on IEQF

What's New

   Launching his Pulsar - ALES Contest June 2016 - Steve Adams

                  ales June 2016 ales June 2016

Jun 18 Saturday  
8:30a Fry Fly Soaring Contest; Pasco Sod Farms
9a Warbirds Over Deer Park
Jun 19 Sunday  
Father's Day
Jun 25 Saturday  
8:30a Thermalitis­ Soaring Contest; Brooks, OR
Jul 2 Saturday  
8:30a Fly Soaring Contest; Pasco Sod Farms
Jul 4 Monday  
Independence Day
Jul 7 Thursday  
6:30p The Inland Empire Quiet Flyers Monthly Meetup
Jul 9 Saturday  
8:30a Soar At Paradise Soaring Contest; Paradise Field



If you would like to become a part of this great group of flyers, just fill out a membership application, take the membership orientation from a club safety officer, and pay your annual dues of $50. See the membership application form here for complete details.

Annual dues are $50, and can be sent to IEQF, 12117 S GOSS RD, CHENEY WA 99004-9541. Or you can pay by PayPal. Our treasurer will update your member status and provide you with your personalized membership card.



Paradise Field Rules Formalized

Official rules for the club field at Paradise Road were adopted at a recent club meeting:

  1. AMA membership required

  2. IEQF membership required

  3. AMA safety rules apply at all times

  4. No fuel-powered aircraft allowed

  5. No flying over highway or pits

  6. No flying over houses

  7. No driving on the electric runway

  8. Parking in designated area only (loading and unloading at runway permitted)

  9. All flyers must have fire extinguisher

  10. No smoking

Flyers who are AMA members may fly as guests of IEQF members for a reasonable number of visits. The determination of what is "reasonable" is made on a case-by-case basis.

New flyers must receive instructions regarding field use and demonstrate a minimum level of flying proficiency to the satisfaction of a club safety officer or deputy.

Steve Adams, Safety Officer
Lee Urbaniak, deputy
Doug Russell, deputy
Jim Frahm, deputy


Current Weather (from Weather Underground)

This weather station is 4 miles north of the Paradise field. Click anywhere on the data under the picture to see weather details and history.



(Past "What's New" items here)

At a Glance

Who We Are

The IEQF members are model airplane enthusiasts specializing in thermal soaring, slope cruising and electric powered flight.

What We Fly

Our members enjoy all kinds of quiet model flying including thermal soaring, slope soaring, scale, slope combat, and electric powered models of all kinds.


Based in Spokane, Washington, our membership is spread out all over the Inland Northwest.  Membership dues are $50 per calendar year.  Joining is easy and there are no hoops to jump through, flight tests, or interviews.

Membership applications and detailed info here.  Or contact one of the officers for membership information.

Where We Meet

Meetings are held on the first Thursday of each month. Meetings are held at the Shari's Restaurant at 320 N. Sullivan. We gather at 6:30 for food and hanger flying with the meeting beginning at 7:00 pm. See the Calendar Page for upcoming meeting times and upcoming scheduled events. Visitors are welcome. Please come visit us!

Where We Fly

We have several commonly used flying sites. Thermal and sport sites are located south of Spokane and at Farragut State Park, and a slope flying site is located in the Spokane valley.

Officers and Committees


The activities of the IEQF are conducted by officers and committees charged with the various responsibilities of the club.  If you have input and ideas about a topic, call one of the committee members. See the Officers and Committees page for more information.

If you have comments, corrections or additions for this web site, contact Gary Kwart

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